Welcome to our new website!

It’s been months in the making but the time has finally come. Welcome to the *brand spanking new* website. We’ve designed the site to be an interactive forum to express the unique and vibrant personality of and its customers.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the site’s features. Here are a few I’d like to highlight:

  • e-Commerce – We’ve significantly expanded our online store. You can now order any or all of our products online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Neat-o, right? Keep an eye on our Seasonal and Granola Lab categories; we’ll update these flavors throughout the year and, frankly, based on our culinary whimsy.
  • Recipes – Our granola makes for an outstanding fruit-and-yogurt parfait but let’s face it: there are a lot of other things to do with granola! Wait…you didn’t know that? Well head on over to our recipes page for some inspiration. Check back from time to time as we expand our recipe library.
  • Chowheads – I’m really stoked about this feature! The Grateful Dead had Deadheads and we’ve got Chowheads. These folks are true granola. Won’t you join us? Submit a photo of you and your and we’ll post it on the site. Be creative. Have fun with it. Are you going on vacation? Maybe take a picture of you and a bag of in front of the Eiffel Tower of ankle-deep in the Gulf of Mexico. Show us just how much you love .
  • Blog – All the cool kids are doing it and now we are too. Does that make us a shoe-in for coolness? We’ll be updating the blog each week with product updates, company news and what I like to refer to as “unconventional musings on food, business and life.” Get ready folks…this is going to be good.

So who can we thank for this incredible new website?

I’m fortunate to work with immensely talented creative folks. Gratitude beyond expression goes out to the team at Sullivan Higdon and Sink including Joe Wilper, Garrett Street, Jeremy Fuksa and John January. Website development credits are due to PerAspera Consulting including Rob Morrison and Brian Pauls. I also owe thanks to the team (Lexie, Courtney, Lauren and Caleb) who tolerated my occasional distractedness and wild emotional swings related to this project. And, finally, thanks to my guy – Joe Parrish – who let met bounce 1,001 ideas off him and was always honest and thoughtful in his feedback.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to sign up for our email list. Starting in January, we’ll be sending out regular product updates, company news and special promotions.

Please do us a favor and share this post with friends. Thanks all!

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