“Those of us who work with food suffer from an image of being involved in an elite, frivolous pastime that has little relation to anything important or meaningful. But in fact we are in a position to cause people to make important connections between what they are eating and a host of crucial environmental, social and health issues.”– Alice Waters

We take our jobs very seriously.We’re passionate about food, sustainability and business (in no particular order). We’re on a mission to help build an alternative to the current industrial food system – one based on independent producers and personal relationships.

We rarely take ourselves seriously. We laugh. We tell dirty jokes. We sing and dance – even after spending 12 hours straight in the kitchen making granola. We watch stupid cat videos on the Internet. Regularly.

We are a fast-growing, startup company. That means our continued success depends on finding like-minded, passionate employees who are fast, flexible and driven. Folks that are crazy just like us.

Does this sound like you? If so, here is a list of our current openings:

No current openings. Check back soon.