How did we get the idea for ? It all began at a 48-hour rally for hacky sacking rights. Everything started out just like it should. The energy was high and the patchouli smell, well that was overwhelming.  But as time went by more and more hippies were losing their luster. There were less “mans” and even fewer “woahs.” Something needed to be done. Barefoot, hacky sack fanatics can’t live on positive vibes alone. They needed sustenance. What they needed was . Quickly, we raced back to our kitchen, whipped up our first batch and passed it out to our fellow granola-types. Needless to say, the rally was revived, hacky sacking rights were restored, and a delicious new granola was born.

Our Real Story

I started making homemade granola for my guy to take to work as a mid-day snack. After many rave reviews, I began to dream up ways I could turn my love of simple, delicious food into a full-time career.  I did all that fun (and slightly nerve-wracking) start-up stuff. And in May 2010, I took to the Overland Park Farmers Market for the first time. As I began to develop a following (we call them Chowheads) I decided to take the leap and make my full-time career. That was in January 2011. Thousands of bags and millions of oats later, is now poised to please the taste buds of tree huggers and granola lovers everywhere.